Solutions for Education

It is important to examine what we can do as a society to create viable solutions for education. It is not only safety issues that need to be addressed considering the recent tragedies that have occurred, however making education work all the way around seems to be a great topic for all people from varying cultures and countries to contribute their ideas. Please use this opportunity to post some of your ideas and concerns about education.

I know a few years ago the focus for academics was math and science, however, I have seen research that indicates that we need to focus on English. This is extremely important as throughout anyone’s education it is essential to write about every subject. English is now a universal language, but without language of some kind nothing is learned. How important is language? And how important is English in this realm of education?

Check out the other discussions about health care in this country!

Here is a very eye-opening article that deserves attention about mental illness and the state of our health care system.

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What solutions do you propose for healthcare?

What is the status of health care in the U.S.A.? How is healthcare in your country different from or similar to the healthcare system in the U.S.A.?

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English Acquisition

English Daily 2 U was created to help those learning English as a Second Language as well as students who need to improve their English skills for school and beyond. Acquiring English requires the development of  listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Recently, I read a study about students graduating from school without sufficient abilities to be able to write and communicate effectively in English. This is an important skill to develop for all students, as learning all subjects requires research and writing about a variety of subjects.

This blog begins the discussion about writing for many purposes and the difficulties or issues people want to express about learning aspects of the English language.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I am interested in current events and social problems including a global perspective in fixing the social issues prevalent in the world and comparisons to the U.S.A. system. In perspective, I will post issues for discussion for people of all nationalities to write about and use critical thinking skills with prior knowledge to discuss. Throughout the discussions we may cooperatively come up with ideas to resolve the problems.

This blog is also designed for English Language Learners to apply their written communication  and improve English skills through discussion and problem solving.

Happy blogging!

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